We had a three days sessions with the children for our Kids Bible Club. We decided to teach on Christmas stories, first from Matthew with the two name: Jesu and Emanuel.The next day was about the actual birthday from Matthew with the Magi from the East. I also spent time on Herod and the massacre of the infants.

Yesterday we moved to Luke with the focus of the Shepherds. Indeed Christ came to all class of people even the lowly people like Shepherds and not only the wise or the elite.Christ came to a selfish world, even the woman in that condition as Mary could not find a room in the inn. We are told by Luke.

Herod and the massacre of the infants remind us of the envy and bloodshed and malice this world possesses. It has not get better by chance! But this is why the Savior has come, to deal with sin first hand. Yes the chief purpose of His coming was to die on the cross.I really enjoyed the past three days; we had fun with the kids.

Thapelo Laka and Ntokozo Mawela deserve special mention. These are the two young people who worked with me these three days. I really appreciate how they enjoy serving children like I do. May the Lord bless them abundantly!Great team work